Salman Khan Invention Take Off

Salman Khan started a website to help kids with school subjects outside of the classroom. Mr. Khan decided to help people all over the world and he succeeded with thousands of supporters and help from his website. The website in the future might replace teachers because schools will save money and that the students can learn from their own pace instead of learning a new topic every day. This 21st century media and culture is heading to rely more technology and it will be dangerous for teachers because robots or even computers might take their jobs. Salman Khan and the creators of Khan Academy have the chance to make a difference in the world and change the educational point-of-view to millions of people. Overall, Khan Academy has a bright future either to replace teachers and teach kids how to do specific topics or help teachers explain a topic to the students and making sure they understand what is trying to be taught. Why should we convert to use Khan Academy? Khan Academy can teach millions of kids from kindergarten to college students. Khan Academy is open to all grades and is a way to help you understand what you are confused. For example, Khan Academy can be seen as instead of not asking for help in class, you can use Khan Academy to help understand what the teacher was talking about and maybe that can help clear up the mix messages about the topic. In the future, I might be seeing myself use Khan Academy for my academic career and hopefully the website, Salman Khan and his staff will make the best of his idea.


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